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5 junio, 2018

Create connection for Java DB / Derby in JDeveloper

In order to connect to this Base, the following steps must be performed: 1. From the JDeveloper we open the Window menu, then in Database and […]
25 mayo, 2018

BUG: Log .out is not rotating in Weblogic 12c

In one of the most recent versions of Weblogic 12c it happens that logs of type .out are not being automatically rotated as they should. This […]
28 marzo, 2018

How to create a WAR file from ‘Exploded’ content with Java commands

9 marzo, 2018

Creation of GridLink data source for Oracle RAC

Oracle provides 2 types of Data source for managing connections to Oracle RAC: the Multi Data Source and the most recent Active GridLink for Oracle RAC […]
9 febrero, 2018

Error Symbol CreateIoCompletionPort was referenced en AIX

When working with Oracle products on AIX servers, it may be that when trying to start an OHS or view an Oracle Forms form, one of […]
6 febrero, 2018

Configure Webutil for Oracle Forms 12c

One of the most important libraries for every Oracle Forms developer is that of Webutil, a library that has provided us with functionalities for interaction with […]
3 enero, 2018

REP-52266: The in-process Reports Server failed to

When trying to start the In-process Reports server in a newly created environment of Oracle Reports 12c, the following message may appear: REP-52266: The in-process Reports […]
18 diciembre, 2017

Enable debug mode for Oracle BI Publisher 11g

On those occasions when we are testing a BI Publisher report and we are presented with an error that is not very descriptive, the debug mode […]
25 octubre, 2017

JBoss EAP 6: Request header is too large

If, when testing a Java application on a JBoss EAP 6 Server, a message like the following appears: It is because the size of the request […]