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Creation of GridLink data source for Oracle RAC

Oracle provides 2 types of Data source for managing connections to Oracle RAC: the Multi Data Source and the most recent Active GridLink for Oracle RAC introduced since version 10.3.4 of Weblogic. Of these 2 options, GridLink stands out for administrative reasons, easy management, response to FAN events to provide Fast Connection Failover and that obtains real-time information from the RAC through ONS.

Now let’s see the steps to create a GridLink Data Source:

For this example, a 2-node RAC is assumed and the Weblogic version is 12c.

  1. Enter the Weblogic console and expand the Services node in the left tree and enter the Data Sources option.
  2. Press the New button and select from the «GridLink Datasource«list.
  3. In the window that appears below you must specify the name of the Data source, the name of JNDI, Next:

4. Uncheck the Global Transactions support option, Next:

5. Select the option to fully enter the JDBC URL, Next:

6. Then we enter the connection URL, the user and password of the scheme for which this Data Source will obtain connections.

The format of the connection URL must be:


7. Then we test that the connection to the Database RAC works, Next:

8. In the next step we mark the FAN option and add each node of the RAC and the remote ONS port, Next:

Note: If you do not know the ONS port, we can execute the onsctl debug command found in the GRID_HOME.

9. Now we are going to test the remote communication with the ONS ports, Next:

10. Finally we select the final destination of this Data Source, Finish:

And that’s how easy a Gridlink Data source is created.

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