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How to create a WAR file from ‘Exploded’ content with Java commands

How to create a WAR file from 'Exploded' content with Java commands

Applies for (validated scenarios):

Oracle WebLogic Server- Version 11.1x and above
JDK - Version 1.7x and above
The information in this document applies to any platform


Friends, we’re going to do something very simple: create a WAR file from the 'exploded' content of an application. You have asked me about it so I I’ll explain what’s necessary real quick.

Without further ado, let’s start

We locate the application with content 'Exploded

Exploded: Exploded: deployment mode where files are not packaged in WAR or EAR formats, either for future hot modifications or by application server features

In my case I used a DEMO application with this feature:

Now we execute the command that does the magic:

jar cvf InMemRepClient.war * 

Here’s the function of the options we use:

  • Opcion c indicates that you want to create a JAR file.
  • Opcion vproduces verbose output in stderr or stdout while building the JAR
  • Opcion findicates that the output will be to a file
  • Expression*includes all the contents of the directory within the WAR file

Done!, You already have the WAR file to be deployed, I hope it serves you; SUCCESS!

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