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Ideal state to offer the best customer service

Customer service

What is the ideal state to offer services?

"The ideal state to provide good customer service is the ideal state." This pun, which seems more like gibberish, aims to emphasize that good customer service must be offered, provided that it has been understood that such commitment should not be affected by any external situation.

But what should be done so that internal reactions, in the face of external stimuli, do not affect the service offered?

In the first place,that ideal state must be created by each person, and although there are different tools of their own and of work context that would help to create a state of disposition, the most important thing will always be the attitude that each one has at all times. That is to say, a “self-context” must be generated in which external factors would not have to influence to such an extent that the service provided is not the best.

Secondly, you should look for the right tools to provide the service and that it is effective in the sense that it meets the needs of the client.

By generating a state of readiness and, at the same time, optimizing the tools with the aim of proposing good customer service, it will be possible to meet the demands of the customers, but also ensure their loyalty.

The great American comedian Groucho Marx said: “Every morning when I open my eyes, I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose what it will be.Yesterday is dead, tomorrow has not arrived yet. I only have one day, today, and I will be happy in it.”.

The idea of seizing the day and not thinking about tomorrow coined by the most prominent of the Marx brothers seems to refer to the Latin phrase "carpe diem" by Horacio, which means "seize the day."

However, this idea at no time appeals to an irresponsibility regarding the future, nor to a look with disdain for the past, which can be learned a lot even from the mistakes made, but rather involves realizing the present as the only tangible time and space in which you own the acts that are committed.

How each individual must face the day that happens and how he must react to the possibilities that are presented to him, will reveal his fruits - good or bad - tomorrow.

The state that you will choose to have today today in front of any situation that arises is an absolutely personal decision.. What will be yours?

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