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Organizational work climate

Working environment

The working environment is nothing else but the means in which daily work takes place. The quality of this climate has a direct influence on the satisfaction of workers and therefore on business productivity. If you are able to achieve greater productivity with a good working environment, you have everything you need to achieve great success in your company.

In that way, while a good climate is oriented towards the general objectives, a bad climate destroys the work environment causing situations of conflict, discomfort and generating a poor performance.

Steps to get a good organizational climate:

1. Foster respect above all. It is difficult to imagine that all the members of a company are going to get along completely well, so it is very important that you promote tolerance, respect and harmony among your staff.

2. Give yourself time to listen to them. With this you will not only get ideas to improve the performance in the different areas, but you will be able to recognize the problems, the people that detract from your organization and all those elements that stop the proper functioning of the company at its different levels.

3. Properly handle crises. When things get tough in the company, keeping calm, order and enthusiasm is vital to the work environment. Providing the information that the staff needs, transmitting the messages correctly and showing security in handling the problem, will help the company's environment.

4. Remember that people like to feel taken into account. If you want to implement any change in any department, ask the workers about it, or if you feel that something is not working as it should, ask people about the reasons and ask them to propose solutions.

5. Approach your employees and earn their trust. Start with simple details, such as thanking the people on your team for their work and recognizing their successes. These small changes will encourage others to do the same and they will feel calm to come to you when they have any questions, new ideas or concerns.

Simple changes can make a big difference, satisfied employees are productive employees. Developing a favorable working climate takes time, however, it has multiple benefits: workers bring their best performance to the company, strong work teams are created and the company can focus better on meeting its goals.

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