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Duties and rights: Crucial to strengthen job performance

Duties and rights

Crucial to strengthen job performance

It’s not surprising that many employees are unaware of the duties they have when they’re part of a company or organization. When I specify this aspect, I don’t refer exclusively to the roles or functions that each worker has to face during their working hours.

The duties of each employee go further and they will not be effective unless they are aware of them; each employee should face their work from a vision of responsibility, meaning, from a commitment that admits loyalty to the company of which it’s a part, but not as a pure obligatory compliance, but rather as natural habits that are born from the knowledge of an organic law.

Based on that constitutional law that’s backed by the State, each company must have its own duties that determine the most appropriate path in their labor relations.

But a company not only has duties that somehow rule the actions of its employees, but also must also have rights; that as employees are urged to fulfill their duties, they are also backed by the rights granted to them.

Both concepts are born from a legal system, which in turn can also have autonomy in the policies of each company; however, business policies will hardly seek to circumvent the Constitution of the Republic.

The execution of the duties and rights that each employee has, will depend largely on being aware that they exist.

Each company must worry about promulgating the duties and rights of its employees, but also each person who is part of one of them, must know and assimilate the quality of their commitment, as well as the privileges they have.

There is no doubt that the awareness that each person has of their duties and rights, will make them an individual who performs their duties under consensual commitments and their own rights that give them the freedom to act sensibly for the resolution of conflicts, and avoid incur complaints..

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