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Effective leadership, how are you leading?

Effective leadership, how are you leading?

Continuing with our topic, let's talk a little about effective Leadership. If you haven’t seen my previous post on this topic, I invite you to take 10 minutes to do so: Management or leadership.

I have read your comments on the previous entry, and I am pleased that we all agree with the above, but let's get into the matter with this week's topic…

Leadership is a topic debated and analyzed since the beginning of our civilization, since the 80's it’s a part of the problem of business management as a fundamental part of subsisting in our globalized and highly demanding world. The initial definitions, in fact, start from the ability of the leader to influence, emphasizing the achievement of common goals. Remember, the premise of the previous entry: the human factor.

Let me quote the pioneers on the subject:

The leadership has several models and schools of thought; However, I would like to share with you a very interesting matrix about 5 types of leadership in which we can fall at any time, either in our work as leader, or in our work as followers.

In the 80's, Blake and Mouton established a matrix that allowed to typify 5 types of leadership. This matrix describes the predominant behavior of the “Manager, Leader, etc.”, through their inclinations or preferences:

  • Concern for people
  • Concern for production, referring to the achievement of results

I am sure that you have already had the opportunity to experience more than one of the 5 types of leadership presented by the matrix, and I am also sure that you already know which one is the most effective according to your reality.

The business leader, to obtain managerial leadership, must begin by working his personal leadership.

Personal leadership practices:

  • Reflection
  • Self-knowledge
  • Humility
  • Personal improvement
  • Will
  • Full responsibility
  • Integrity

If you think to be a leader and do it effectively; first you must start with yourself ... Otherwise, it will become a failed attempt with discomforts that you would have saved yourself.

Believe in yourself, remember that even if you try to put on someone else's wings, you still won't be able to fly with them.

Written by MC

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