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Administration Oracle Weblogic Server

Administration Oracle Weblogic Server: Unable to start weblogic with node manager (state force shutting down) [DOC ID: RINNO02240317]

Applies for (valid scenarios):

Oracle SOA Suite 11g - Version 11.1x and superior
The information in this document applies for any platform.


Description of the exception

Exception when initiating WebLogic server with Node Manager. It’s possible that the server can be initiated with the start/stop scripts but not with the Node Manager.

The status of the server can be seen as:

Incident resolution

To overcome the scenario shown above, it´s necessary to validate the log files of our domain / server. E.g


Additionally, validate the last stored state of our server.

Steps to solve the incident

Resolving this type of incident is quite simple, generally no more information is found in the reference log files for a particular exception.

Meaning you must validate the last state stored by the Node Manager in the corresponding file. For example, you will find an entry like this:

Here you can see the contents of the file:

When it´s only about the server status, you must delete this file and start the server again from the administration console with Node Manager. You´ll see that now starts without any problems.

It´s done! Now you can normally manage the server with Node Manager from the administration console; but take it easy, we have shown you one of the scenarios that may exist. .

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