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Management or Leadership

Management or Leadership

Two realities that seem identical, but that turn out to be more distant.Let's take a syncretic look at both perspectives. It's a fact that it is impossible to achieve concrete and satisfactory results without management tools[I've learned in the bad way]; that is, achieve the goals with the available resources. I know you understand what I'm talking about, maybe you're in a situation like this right now, or have torturous days without knowing it, because of this..

Having said the above, I have no doubt that the journey to truly achieve the organizational vision requires purely and specifically leadership, that word that seems so simple and trivial, but that actually brings with it a way of thinking and doing things. Through the correct leadership, people are positively influenced to believe that the organizational vision is possible and that in the same way, the person is willing to make it their own; not by fears, not by favors, but by conviction. Without doubt management without leadership can exists , but for how long ?.

Keep this in mind: The human factor represents a key role in the strategy of any organization, at the end of the day; It's the only real resource of competitiveness in today's organizations. If they make you believe, or think otherwise, please ... give value to what you know and what you are.

And I conclude with this, the demands of the current world require Management and Leadership, based on a coherent and grounded in both who runs an organization as in the existing talent within it.

Table 1. “Leadership is not management”.- John Kotter. John Kotter's model (overview)
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