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Managing people in turbulence-Stress management

Managing people in turbulence

Stress management

Stress, what a short word and with so many consequences on people's quality of life. It is proven that the physical and psychological well-being of our employees is directly related to their performance

Thank you very much for continuing with our series of articles on coaching / leadership, if you missed the previous post, I invite you to take 10 minutes to read it Creating a good working environment. Creating a good working environment

Stress, whatever its nature, does not provide favorable results in our quality of life. We must ensure that the activities we carry out are under favorable conditions; since in this measure we give 100% of our capacity. Having a demanding job should not be synonymous with sacrificing your personal and professional quality of life. In quite practical aspects, here I share a definition:


It means "fatigue", especially material fatigue. It is all physical or psychological demand, out of the ordinary and under pressure.


But here is the good news: Stress can be POSITIVE (Eustress) and NEGATIVE (Distress) because of its nature and its effect on us. Here I share certain symptoms of each:

Symptoms of positive stress (stress)

  • High energy level
  • Taste and enthusiasm for work
  • Personal goals aligned with work dynamics
  • Mental clarity and good level of concentration
  • Productive work
  • Ability to generate alternative solutions

Symptoms of negative stress (Distress):

  • Irritability
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Work anxiety - There is no clear vision of your institutional role
  • Difficulty making decisions, confusion
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Little interest in your improvement

When to seek help? Preventive and assistance actions

...When something is not right in our health, we look for a doctor. This should happen when we present high levels of negative stress in the workplace, from my own experience I tell you:If you do nothing to change it, life and your health charge you more.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of conditions or diseases" -OMG

From the business management you can promote health states in favor of employees, with the certainty that what is done, will be a strong impact on people who work for and with us, in addition: A healthy person gets better results and can sustain them over time. Further, Health is one of the most precious treasures for humanity.

And it is precisely that around us, there are different stressors that do not help in our stress level and therefore our health. But before we define a stressor as "Any event, situation, person or object, which is perceived as a stimulus or situation, which causes a stress response" (Selye)

Very well, having defined the stressor, I am sure that you face them day by day (I have lived it firsthand in past lives); and it is not pleasant to deal with them.

Friends, then I share a brief list of job stressors with those who have probably lived more than once, or even are living right now:

Stressors of the physical environment:Noise and vibrations, Hygiene, Temperature, Low availability of physical space
Stressors of homework content:Assignments of tasks not appropriate to our knowledge, Underutilization of tasks (activities below our capacity) "It is what there is" - I heard a phrase about this on occasion, Lack of participation in the activities / decisions of the company.
Job demand stressors:Excessive work hours (not recovered, for more bonuses offered), Work overload, Work underload.
Stressors in the development of the task:There are no 'promotions' in every dimension of the word, low promotion and professional development, job insecurity due to dismissals or abandonment of the workforce.

Friends, do not be disturbed by the cares that professional life puts on you or deceive by positive stress that is only mere mirage, rather; have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Today you are in a place, tomorrow who knows. Your interior and your health (physical and mental) is the main thing; If that's all right, you'll see that with your work you truly glorify your faith.

Written by MC

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