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Creating a good work environment!

Creating a good work environment!

Today mankind is living a stage in which time is no longer enough, to do the activities or carry out our goals. And it doesn’t matter how we get what we want, without considering going over our co-workers.

¡Creando un buen ambiente laboral!

This day I would like us to stop to evaluate one of the places where we spend more time with other people, to be exact more than 33.3% of the daily time we spend in our workplace, so it is very important to generate an environment pleasant work and in which personal relationships are positive.

In previous POST we have talked about conflict resolution and cultivating emotional intelligence, always related to the workplace. This day I would like to list actions that will increase the good working environment in which we move.

In the majority of business organizations of different sizes, their main objective is productivity, through the team that makes it up, regardless of what human cost is obtained, leaving aside personal relationships and the work environment.

However, it is sad to see that this type of strategy that management and headquarters have, end up affecting productivity as such. Therefore, it is vital according to experts in HUMAN RESOURCES that the working environment is pleasant and stimulating for everyone.

A good working environment helps to have a more productive and committed team with the company, therefore, this generates satisfied customers and as a result happier people.

Given the growing competition among companies, it is essential to have a MOTIVATIONAL POLICY for employees, which allow both personal and professional development within the organization.

If we are interested in improving the work environment, then we list some actions that will help us to promote it:

  • RESPECT: It is very complicated that most employees get along, so it is very important to promote tolerance through respect and harmony
  • LISTEN: This action is highly important, since by listening to the collaborators we not only get ideas to improve performance in different areas, but we also recognize the problems and people that detract from the organization and all those elements that stop the good Operation of the company.
  • CONTROL: When things get tough in the organization, it’s time to keep control. Providing the information that employees need, transmitting messages correctly and showing security in handling the problem, will help the company’s environment.
  • VALUE: Remember that people like to feel taken into account (Valued). And this can be achieved by involving employees in small changes that have to be made in the department for example or in the organization.

  • TRUST: We can start with simple details, such as thanking your team’s collaborators for their work and recognizing their successes. These small changes will encourage others to do the same and they will feel calm to come to you when they have any questions, new ideas or concerns.

Written By GuChe

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