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Cultivating emotional intelligence

Cultivating emotional intelligence

Today we move into an accelerated world where it seems that time is not enough to accomplish our tasks, there is little tolerance among people, everything is resolved in the midst of conflicts, trying to impose one's own opinion regardless of that of others; and above all, leaving love to others aside.

In these situations, we must take action on the matter, lower life's revolutions and stop to think if we are being emotionally intelligent.

Following the previous POST of our partner MC, the advice he left us is that we can be assertive and emotionally intelligent. The big question is:

How can we improve in emotional intelligence?

First of all, I would like us to be clear about the term "Emotional Intelligence." This Term largely hypothetical and groups cognitions (the power of a living being to process information from perception) and behaviors to appreciate and express our own emotions and those of others fairly.

Therefore, it is very important to be able to cultivate emotional intelligence in all environments, since most of us are in constant relationship with others, and we have to deal with situations in which we have to have:

  • Awareness of our own emotions
  • Handle emotions
  • Self motivate
  • Recognize the emotions of others (EMPATHY)
  • Manage relationships Positively

Some experts in the subject of emotional intelligence, make it clear that people with great development in this type of intelligence, get better results in their quality of life.

Do you want to improve your emotional intelligence?

  1. Surround yourself with positive people: Remember that dealing with negative people consumes a lot of your energy.
  2. Think about the future: Make a point and separate with the situations of the past, remember that mistakes leave a great teaching, Before blaming or hurting you reflect, remember that everything happens for a reason. Here we can take a part of Rom biblical text. 8:28 "To those who love God all things help them well."
  3. Have fun: look for habits and activities that make you happy, this will allow you to feel better and at ease and you could even brighten other people's day.
  4. Put limits:It is very important to set limits when required, but we must be clear that we have to do it with education and know when to do it. Thinking before speaking is indispensable for this point .
  5. Focus on the positive: Let's not spend too much time thinking about bad things. That does not mean that we do not hold our actions accountable, but that we do not spend much time on bad things.
  6. Learn new things:Being in constant growth, open to new ideas and being willing to learn from others allows us to develop our Emotional Intelligence and social skills.

Written by Guche

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