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Configure Webutil for Oracle Forms 11g

As developers in Oracle Forms 11g, we will know the importance of the Webutil library in our Forms, which is why I will then take the necessary steps to successfully install this library, the following configuration applies to development environments and deployment environments:

1. For the compilation of the webutil.pll library it is necessary to have a database schema that contains the package contained in the create_webutil_db.sql file that is in the ORACLE_HOME / forms directory that is why after the creation of the schema the file mentioned must be run.

2. After we have our database schema set up, it will be necessary to get the jacob files that we will use for the configuration. Depending on the Release of our Forms, this will be the jacob that we should get:

Forms11gR1 11.1.1.X -> jacob 1.10.1

Forms11gR2 11.1.2.X -> jacob 1.14.3

3. Unzip the downloaded zip and place the jacob.jar file in the folder of the ORACLE_HOME / forms / java path

4. Now we must sign the jacob.jar file for this we will do: ORACLE_INSTANCE\bin\sign_webutil.bat ORACLE_HOME\forms\java\jacob.jar

5. If the environment we are configuring is for development we must ensure that ORACLE_HOME / forms / java / frmwebutil.jar is in the regedit FORMS_BUILDER_CLASSPATH variable

6.Now we will place the jacob.dll file that is in the folder that we unzip to your destination folder depending on the Release of the version of Forms used:

jacob.dll ->  ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

jacob-1.14.3-x86.dll ->  ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win32
jacob-1.14.3-x64.dll ->  ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win64

7.Then we add ORACLE_HOME / forms / java / frmall.jar to the CLASSPATH variable found in the default.env file

8.We will make the following modifications to the [webutil] configuration of the formsweb.cfg file:

a. We add the files frmwebutil.jar and jacob.jar to the WebutilArchive parameter. In some versions this step is already done.

b.We specify that we will use the webutil_demo.fmx form as the default form for the configuration of [webutil]

9. Now we download the webutil_demo form from the following link: put the webutil_demo.fmb form in the pathORACLE_HOME/forms

10.Now we will compile the webutil library as well as the form we just downloaded, for this from the command line we will execute:

frmcmp module=webutil.pll module_type=library userid=scott/tiger@orcl compile_all=yes
frmcmp module=webutil_demo.fmb module_type=form userid=scott/tiger@orcl compile_all=yes

11.Finally we will test the operation of the webutil library, for this in the browser we will put:


Functionality of the “Get Client Info” and “About Webutil” tabs should work without any problem. If these tabs do not work, check that the previous steps have been followed correctly.

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