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Adding value through people – Developing and retaining organizational talent

Adding value through people

Developing and retaining organizational talent

Once someone told me (in a company): "If you think that for people to stay I have to be friends with them, you are wrong, nor should I know their lives"; There I began to understand that I was actually in the wrong place. If you are an entrepreneur, the idea of forming an organization is to be stable and grow over time; This implies attracting, developing and retaining talent. If you are employed, it is very practical, as long as the conditions are met and you are paid the right thing to do your job, everything will be fine.

Thank you very much for continuing with our series of articles on coaching / leadership, if you missed the previous post, I invite you to take 10 minutes to read it Managing people in turbulence.

Many StartUps or well-established businesses have not understood that when the land was the basis of wealth, it was logical that that was the center and therefore the nations fought for it. Today, the same thing happens with talented people, who in many cases are undervalued.


Pilar Jericó.-

"We all have talent, but we have no talent for everything. Talent is not something that belongs only to a few. It depends on our capabilities, our commitment and implementation, which allows us to achieve superior results. Talent can be understood in a specific organizational context, where the committed person can put into practice their abilities to obtain superior results, interacting with others, in an environment that provides them with clear goals, good direction and culture according to their goals of development, progress, training, fun, employability and speed and, that at the same time compensates them with benefits according to their personality "

What do we want in the organization and how to obtain it?

The first answer to these questions is the strategic human resources approach, and by using it we will obtain the Human Capital Strategy.

What are the decisions we must take to build our strategy? Experience indicates that there are 3 questions that will guide our search:

  • What are the competencies (aptitudes and attitudes) that distinguish our company in its way of BEING and DOING?
  • Where are we going to get them from?
  • How do we keep them and strengthen them over time?

Organizational talent

Human talent is a key factor in organizational development. So, attracting and retaining it is an art. The recruitment process is essential as the first phase of two-way communication for talent attraction; since it is through this process, that the bases are established to define if the talent will engage in the actions of the organization.

Something fundamental in the retention of talent is its development. And not that development that is born only of the need to survive a company. But that development with an approach associated with talent goals and business objectives. Among the most widespread practices for development within work are:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Job Rotation
  • Assignment to committees / new projects
  • Training Manager Panels
  • Assignment of higher responsibilities

Methods for the development of people, outside of work:

  • Formal training courses
  • Guided reading
  • Online training
  • External seminars
  • Experiential method outside of work
  • Out Doors or out of work activities

Here's the news


. And it turns out that organizations do not implement any talent retention strategy; but rather, they react reactively to the circumstances in order to survive.

Friends, your talent is worth gold, do not waste it in organizations with no fixed direction or clear goals, where the culture is not consistent with your personal development.

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