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How-to: Creating a JDBC connection in Oracle BI Publisher

How-to: How to create a JDBC connection in Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Applies for (validated scenarios):

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g - Version 11.1x and above
The information in this document applies to any platform


First, we connect to the BI Publisher Administration tool:


Second, in the upper right panel, click on Administration:

Third, we click on the link of: JDBC Connection.
  • Data Source Name: We put a representative name to the DS that will be created.
  • Driver Type: The type of driver corresponding to the database that we need to access is selected.
  • Connection String: the database connection string is placed.
  • Username: Database user.
  • Passoword: Database Password
  • Test Connection: press the connection test button and if all goes well, the following message will appear in the upper left:Connection established successfully.
  • Finally, we need the Apply Change button.
  • Ejemplo:

Finally, when the test is successful, the DataSource created will appear among the general list of data sources.

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