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Configure Webutil for Oracle Forms 12c

One of the most important libraries for every Oracle Forms developer is that of Webutil, a library that has provided us with functionalities for interaction with the end user since the client / server mode was behind. Now we are in version 12c of the Oracle technologies and that is why this time I will detail the steps to configure the Webutil library for version 12c:

1. First you have to create a schema in the database to later compile the webutil.pll library. Against this scheme it is necessary to execute the file create_webutil_db.sql that is in the $ ORACLE_HOME / forms directory

2. After we have our database schema configured, it will be necessary to obtain the JACOB files that we will use for the configuration. This can be downloaded from here.

Note: The only supported version for Forms 12c ( of JACOB is 1.18-M2.

3. Unzip the downloaded zip and place the jacob.jar file in the folder of the path $ ORACLE_HOME / forms / java

4. If the environment we are configuring is for development, we must ensure that the $ ORACLE_HOME / forms / java / frmwebutil.jar file is in the FORMS_BUILDER_CLASSPATH variable of the regedit.

5. Now we will place the JACOB dll files that come in the downloaded zip in the respective folders

jacob-1.18-M2-x86.dll  ->  ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win32

jacob-1.18-M2-x64.dll  ->  ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win64

Note: Do not rename the dll files because these names are referenced in the webutil.cfg file

6. We will make the following modifications to the [webutil] configuration of the formsweb.cfg file, this can be done manually or through the EM:

a. We verify that the files frmwebutil.jar and jacob.jar are in the WebutilArchive parameter. In some versions this step is already done.

b. We specify that we will use the webutil_demo.fmx form as the default form for the configuration of [webutil]

7.  Now download the webutil_demo form from the following link: and place the webutil_demo.fmb form in the path $ ORACLE_HOME / forms

Note: the link no longer works, but you can download the webutil from the following dropbox address:

8. Now we will compile the webutil library as well as the form that we just downloaded, for this from the command line we will execute:

Note: Use the scheme that contains the package mentioned in step 1 to compile the webutil.pll library.

frmcmp module=webutil.pll module_type=library userid=scott/tiger@orcl compile_all=yes
frmcmp module=webutil_demo.fmb module_type=form userid=scott/tiger@orcl compile_all=yes

9. Finally we will test the operation of the webutil library, for this in the browser we will put:


Functionality of the “Client Info” and “About” tabs should work without any problem. If these tabs do not work, check that the previous steps have been followed correctly:

1 Comment

  1. Iker dice:

    Buenos dias,

    estamos migrando una serie de oracle forms 6i a Oracle Forms 12c y estamos teniendo problemas con webutil. Queremso usar la librería webutil para hacer un botón con “Guardar como”.
    Hemos configurado webutil y al ejecutar nos funciona correctamente todas las opciones.

    El problema es que a aplicar en una pantalla customizada com por ejemplo no nos funciona. En esta pantalla customizada se ha atachado la libreria webutil.pll y se subclaseado en el grupo de objetos el webutil.olb.

    La llamada que hacemos en el botón es la siguiente:
    :b1.drv_archivo := client_get_file_name(‘C:\temp’,”,’|Word Documents(*.doc)|*.doc|’,’Select output document…’,SAVE_FILE,true);

    El error que nos da es:

    it fails, and I get the error:
    oracle.forms.webutil.file.FileFunctions bean not found.

    Gracias de antemano