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How-to: Run report in Oracle BI Publisher 12c from Java

How-to:Run report in Oracle BI Publisher 12c from Java

Applies for (validated scenarios):

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g -Version 11.1x and higher
The information in this document applies to any platform

You can request the source code of the application HERE, reference this BLOG entry


Step 1- WSDL Endpoint

As a first step, we need to identify the URL (endpoint) where BI Publisher exposes operations for interaction with reports. For example, in our installation 12c, the URL we will use is the following:


You can validate the availability of the service from any browser. The following result is obtained:

For our execution, we will use the method runreport

Step 2-Creating proxy service

From Jdeveloper once a project has been created, we select New-> Business level -> Web services -> Proxy web service as follows:

We follow the instructions of the assistant

We write the address of our WSDL


We write the package names and the types generated for our service

We accept the following options: Service URL, We do not generate asynchronous methods, We do not generate OWSM policies, no handlers are specified and finally we validate the generation of the component:

Step 3- Creating FrontEnd / Business Logic

Our web project will have a structure as follows:

Step 4-We execute our application

We select the parameters for the execution of the report and start the operation:

We see the report in the required format (PDF):

You can request the source code of the applicationHERE,reference this BLOG entry

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