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Oracle Forms 12c fmcus.msb not found

After a new installation of Forms and Reports 12c and after trying to start the Forms Builder for the first time, the following error message may appear:

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Forms Services

FRM-91135: Fatal error: message file

ORACLE_HOME\forms\mesg\fmcus.msb not found.

The error resembles that of the following image:

The same behavior can be seen when you first start the Reports Builder 12c.

When reviewing the Windows Registry, only the following variables can be seen:


Start the Nodemanager and AdminServer as Administrator for the first time, since only in this way will the variables needed by the Forms Builder 12c be added to the Registry to start without problems. The first time we start the Reports server, the necessary variables for Reports Builder 12c will be added.

After starting the Nodemanager and AdminServer as Administrator we can review the Windows Registry and see that it has been filled with the necessary variables:

Now we can start the Forms Builder and Reports Builder 12c without problems!

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